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11 March 2008 @ 12:31 am
Date: March 2006
Characters: Aaron Ernst, Teddy Altman
Summary: Aaron goes back to the Altman residence to apologize for some wrongs.. and bring up some things. And probably.. take some more drugs.
Status: IP
Ping first

Aaron brought the Jag around while Teddy spoke to his aunt and uncle, grateful they hadn't met him in this state. He put on "I walk the line" softly, and sighed to himself. This was going to be a long... existence or so.

"Ready?" he called out the window, unlocking the door as Teddy approached. God was he not looking forward to this.

Sliding down his sunglasses, and hunting down a spare cigarette, he lit up and settled back into his seat, ready to take off at a moment's notice.
10 March 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Date: March 2006
Characters: Zachary Gordon, Ford McKenie
Summary: First date, anyone?
Status: IP

Ford saw Zach come out of the bakery and he picked his bag up, slinging it over his shoulder following him down the street. He glanced back in the direction Teddy went and shook his head, catching up to Zach, putting his arm around Zach's waist.

"OK, so, I just have to shower and change and we can go anywhere you want," he said, smiling at him.

Not only was this new. But it was fresh and amazing - and scary and a million other different adjectives. And he needed to shower - and change and then he would be ready. But he really wasn't ready - not really. He was just - excited and enthusiastic and he couldn't keep his eyes off Zach. Not now and not before. Except when he was trying to council Aaron and why had he done that again? Ford hadn't know, that's for sure.

"So, my place or yours," he asked Zach giving his ass a little squeeze. "I have to shower," he said, emphasizing the word, shower.
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09 March 2008 @ 08:42 pm
Date: March 2006
Characters: Zachary Gordon, Aaron Ernst, Ford McKenie, Teddy Altman
Summary: Some unlikely meetings.
Status: Complete.
Ping first - Open to the bakery.

Zach was preparing the bagels and the cinnamon buns, as had become his morning routine. He would never admit it, but he was a little jittery waiting for Ford who had said he would be here before class... but one never could know, and Zach was paranoid. So.

At the door jingle, he started, moving out to the floor. Instead of Ford, however, was a very large, intimidating man. One that seemed kind of familiar at that...

"Can I help you?" he asked, his voice a bit softer than usual, but just as cheerful as he folded his hands over his apron and awaited the response.
08 March 2008 @ 07:56 pm
Date: March 2006
Characters: Aaron Ernst, Andrea Ernst
Summary: The twins have some things to discuss.
Status: IP

Aaron dislodged himself from Teddy's grip, kissing him lightly before grabbing his cigarettes and going in search of his sister. He knocked on her door, slippers and a jacket joining his robe.

"An', are you up?" he called through the door, hoping to hell she was.
08 March 2008 @ 12:32 am
Date: March 2006
Characters: Peter Petrelli, Claire Gordon
Summary: Zach wasn't the only one from his world to get caught in the time loop. (And normal Peter and Claire are caught in unfun death cycles.)
Status: Complete.
Open if you ping first.

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07 March 2008 @ 02:06 pm

Date: March or February 2006
Characters: Nathan Petrelli, Zachary Gordon
Summary: Nathan meets his third son. Yes, there is another one.
Status: In progress
Private. Kinda.


Having gone down to the lobby after having a much needed nap, Nathan sipped his cup of coffee, sat down in one of the comfortable chairs, and turned to gaze out the window. It had been a lovely spring. So lovely, in fact, that he cursed the glossy windows, and his wounds over and over again for not letting him fly properly. Frowning, he let his gaze wonder- until his eyes found a peculiar looking boy.

The boy was sitting in the edge of a large, leather couch. Perched on the edge with his elbows resting on his knees, legs sprawled, head lowered with eyes staring directly back at him from under long lashes. From what Nathan could see, he looked very much like his grandfather in the family war pictures. His hair was longer and going more to a darker blond, which apparently was almost brown, but the ends still sandy. He was dressed like all teens do these days with their ever-present combination of who knows what-goes through their heads. 

Nathan raised a brow in question,  flashed his so-Petrelli smile and asked, "Can I help you with something kid?."

06 March 2008 @ 11:33 pm

Date: Late February 2006
Characters: Ares, Alex
Summary: A time-displaced man is found.
Status: In progress

05 March 2008 @ 09:58 pm
Date: February 2nd, 2006
Characters: Lots.
Summary: The Heroes converge to discuss time distortion.
Status: In progress
Open to all.

Shigure relaxed in an arm chair in the main lobby. Technically, it had been fourdays after he'd met with Eden, but this morning had marked more than a week since that experience, five days since the world started repeating the same day. No one had come to the hotel yet, that he knew of, but it should be soon. Oftentimes, to ignore a summons from Shigure Yamaoka caused some measure of insanity in the subject, an obsessive devotion. He prayed that nobody was stupid enough to ignore it.

He now sat in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, waiting for the men and women who had heard the call to come along. They would surely be heading here by now. 
05 March 2008 @ 11:46 pm
Date: Late February 2006
Characters: Ford McKenie, Zachary Gordon
Summary: Well... random meeting + sex bagels?
Status: Complete.
Ping first

Zach had just started working at the Altman Family Bakery. It wasn't exactly comparable to owning his own restaurant, but he would take what he could get. Plus he got paid pretty nicely.

He was rolling some cinnamon buns when his first customer walked in. And the moment he did, Zach forgot all about Calvin.

"Good morning!" he said with a cheery smile, though not too cheery - or so he hoped. "What can I do you for?"
05 March 2008 @ 12:22 pm
 Date: March, 2006
Characters: Nathan Petrelli.
Summary: Having been trapped inside the house due to his bedridden state Nathan can't resist the lure of the inviting sky, but that however doesn't mix well with his wounds- thankfully he lands next to a hotel.
Status: In Progress
Open to New York


He needed to get out of what felt like a cage-Out of his office window. He shoot up, ripping into the air as fast and as hard as he could manage. Clouds rolled over each other, twisting and writhing as the raging, icy wind welted at his skin like gashing whips. All that mattered to Nathan then was the city beneath him. The speed and how he had to keep flying higher-yearning that feeling he got when he and Peter went flying.

His heart pounded inside his chest, his blood burned through his veins as he pushed himself further and faster, because he needed the pain of air searing his lungs, and of human muscles trembling with exertion. He was flying away from everything, hoping that he could somehow leave everything behind him if he just flew high enough, fast enough.

But then, due to exhaustion his feet hint the alley pavement too many stories down, landing next to a dirty puddle gleaming with a layer of oil. For a second he pictured his boys jumping and splashing, ruining the adorable little outfits their mum put them in that morning, until he realised with some thankfulness that he was standing right next to a hotel- and given the fact that needed clear out the oozing blood from his gash wounds, he checked in. 


The blood soaked towel feels like lead in his hands as he washes it out, transfixed by the sight of red swirling down the drain. His own blood. Something he never wanted to see. But, despite his emotions doing a pre-homicidal workout on his flying skills and wounded state, He is now left with a lighter heart and a lighter head, which by all means is not entirely a bad thing. 

However, All he wants now is to have a hot shower with a lot of soap, before curling into a ball on the king sized mattress.