Peter Petrelli (mimic_peter) wrote in 12monthsback,
Peter Petrelli

Date: Spring 2007, about six weeks after Peter's capture
Character(s): Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet
Summary: Captivity does some strange things to people.
Status: In progress

There'd been a time, a little more then a week and a half ago that peter would've sworn that he never would've seen actual daylight again. Much less stepped out of that building. Even more less actually been able to go home. Bob called it an act of faith, a bone thrown to the mimic for being a good prisoner. He got to go home so long as he did the Company a couple favors a couple times a week or so.

Peter didn't even bother to think about what those favors really where, though he could guess, before he signed his name on the papers. Willingly employing himself in the Company this time.

He went to his apartment first, knowing that it was stupid to except Claire to still be there, waiting for him even after a month and a half, but still kind of hoping for it. It would've been nice. Really nice to come home to her and just wrap his arms around her and refuse to let go until he was really sure that she was real. But predictably she wasn't there. By the looks of the apartment, and the thin film of dust over everything, no one had been in his apartment in a while.

There was a note on the fridge for Nathan (his brother was probably the one still paying the rent) from Claire, telling him that she went to live with her dad, her real dad and begging asking him to call her if he heard anything from Peter. Peter read the note, went to change into something that wasn't blue-grey pajamas, stuffed the note into his pocket and went in search of the address that she'd left.

It wasn't hard to find. He was there, in front of her biological father's apartment in like fifteen minutes. The walk actually wasn't that bad, gave him time to think about what he'd tell her and what he wouldn't. Actually convincing himself to knock on the door took some time though, and he turned around, going down the block to the corner store to get a pack of cigarettes.

Nathan would kill him but ten years and six weeks of hell meant that he deserved at least one.

Peter paced outside the apartment building, taking his time with it. By the time he stamped out the remains on the sidewalk, he was ready to knock on the door. And so borderline disgusted with himself for relapsing that he handed the rest of the pack off to the nearest hobo before going inside the building. He didn't hesitate now as he went straight up to the door and knocked on it.

Tags: claire bennet, peter petrelli
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