Simone Deveaux (alreadyvague) wrote in 12monthsback,
Simone Deveaux

Characters: Simone Deveaux, Isaac Mendez
Summary: Simone's reintroduction to the world. It all starts with the loft.
Status: In progress
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The world was tilted. Something was off. Simone didn't know what to think. She hoped it was because she was overworking herself at the gallery. Getting Isaac's show ready while he was high was a large stress she really could deal without. He wasn't like this everyday, but the days when he was coming off the high, he might as well be stoned. And watching her father die? It wasn't helping her, either. She was coming near a breaking point. But she didn't have time to cry and throw an emotional tantrum. Not now, maybe not ever.

Standing, Simone took a deep breath and closed the account ledger. She'd deal with this later. Right now, she needed to speak to Isaac. Linderman was interested in a painting he still had in his possession, and she needed to get it. And maybe try and talk some sense into him again.

Within minutes, Simone had the office locked and shut tightly, and already on her way to Isaac's loft. She was glad she'd relocated near him earlier this year. It made walking there so much easier. Digging the key from her pocket, she opened the door, calling a soft, "Isaac, you here?" as she entered.

And she stared, taking in the room. It was different from the last time she'd seen it. It was still messy, and supplies were scattered everywhere, but now there was an addition of paintings she'd never seen before, along with ones she'd thought she'd already sold to people, and... baby things? She blinked.
Tags: isaac mendez, simone deveaux
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