Billy Kaplan (asgardianknight) wrote in 12monthsback,
Billy Kaplan

Date: February 2nd, 2007
Character(s): Bill Kramer, Ford McKenie
Summary: Bill and Ford team up after the big pow-wow at the Four Seasons. 
Status: In progress
Semi-open. Ask before joining

Bill Kramer seemed to start remembering who he was. A politician's son that lived on Long Island, he knew that. A politician with the last name Kramer on Long Island shouldn't be too hard to find. He was rich, so that was a step in the right direction. Beyond that, however, he was stuck. He opted instead to keep on this weird search for.....whatever it was they were looking for. The Japanese dude wasn't exactly being helpful.

They split up after the meeting, everyone going their different ways, some, like he and Ford, searching for clues as to how to stop this whole timefuckery, while others went on with whatever they were doing before they got caught up in this shit bomb.
Tags: bill kramer, ford mckenie, time plot
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