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Time is ever flowing.....

Date: February 2nd, 2006
Characters: Lots.
Summary: The Heroes converge to discuss time distortion.
Status: In progress
Open to all.

Shigure relaxed in an arm chair in the main lobby. Technically, it had been fourdays after he'd met with Eden, but this morning had marked more than a week since that experience, five days since the world started repeating the same day. No one had come to the hotel yet, that he knew of, but it should be soon. Oftentimes, to ignore a summons from Shigure Yamaoka caused some measure of insanity in the subject, an obsessive devotion. He prayed that nobody was stupid enough to ignore it.

He now sat in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, waiting for the men and women who had heard the call to come along. They would surely be heading here by now. 
Tags: bill kramer, claude rains, ford mckenie, layla miller, mohinder suresh, shigure yamaoka, time plot
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